Employee Testimonials

Read what our employees have to say about working in GSK Consumer Healthcare Pakistan and why is it one of the best places to work.


Nabeel ur Rehman - Finance Business Partner

“GSK Consumer Healthcare provides fast paced working environment with a lot of guidance and collaboration from senior employees. I am fortunate to work with such an amazing group of diverse individuals in a very competitive and high performance company. The paths I crossed includes challenging roles in two different functions which provided me with exceptional learning and personal development opportunities. I enjoyed the opportunity to travel for international assignments as well as for fun filled conferences. Perfect place to work!”

Saira Inam - Demand Forecasting Manager

“I am blessed to be working for GSK Consumer Healthcare. The company provides immense learning, respect & great opportunities to rise & shine. The best part is their reward policy, which keeps a person well motivated & highly enthusiastic. The culture is very friendly & everyone is easily approachable. I am proud to be working with great people in an equally amazing environment.”

Ali Yaqooti - Senior Brand Manager

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road, until and unless you fail to make the turn. Such has been my journey at GSK Consumer Healthcare when I moved here as a result of a Joint-Venture. I have been a part of GSK Consumer family since Oct 2015 and ever since I joined, my learning curve has taken an exponential hike. Agile environment, dynamic development program, delivering aspirations and above all respect for people – some of the key practices which are embedded as a norm. My journey has been phenomenally exciting and not ending anytime soon.”

Ayaz Ahmed Khaskheli - Expert Detailing

The principles that should be the foundation of a true Expert are to me the only principles that can make a company a true success. These principles involve the people who have the perspective, knowledge, skills and experience to make work, executions and learning more efficient and effective. Moreover we have one of the best combination of class based trainings/online trainings with an on ground analytical and coaching approach.

I am lucky to have such a class of role model leadership and I enjoy working at GSK Consumer. Great Leaders, great associates, and a great Company – what could be better!